Getting to know Sara Leighton

Sara discovered her passion for real estate when she and her husband decided to put their house on the market. She decided to pursue her career in real estate and received her Sales Agent License in 2014. Committed to growing and expanding her knowledge in this field led her to achieve her Broker license in 2020. As the Harcourts agent focused in the Downeast area, Sara’s knowledge of the communities and lifestyle are an asset for buyers looking for that special place to call their own.

Overcoming any obstacle and searching for the positive path forward is one of Sara's strongest attributes. She acquired this trait by successfully learning how to navigate through life after a major childhood accident that would have limited other people’s options. Luckily, she never did learn the word “No” very well! To Sara, “No” is an opportunity to try things a different way or to ask more questions! It is this spirit of persistence that has allowed her to thrive in the challenging career of real estate. Sara loves to spend her time working with clients to help them reach their finish line safely and happily.

Sara was born in Maine, right in the same area where she now practices real estate. She is very active in her community, serving on various town committees in the past, and you can always find her manning the ballot box on election day. Most recently, Sara was elected to the serve on her town's select board.

Sara’s husband is also involved in the town, working at the local grammar school. They have 6 children and 4 grandchildren who for the most part still live close by on the coast of Maine.

Sara majored in Jazz Vocal Performance at The University of Maine, Augusta. Prior to her career in real estate, Sara was a small business owner. She owned a women’s clothing store that had at one point 3 locations across the state.

In her spare time, she loves singing and playing her Mason & Hamlin parlor grand piano, handed down to her by her great-grandmother. By far, however, her very favorite pastime is hanging out with her family

Sara says “Everywhere you look, you see beautiful landscape. The quality of life and genuinely good people from all walks of life who choose to call Maine “Home” truly make Maine “The Way Life Should Be”!

Spoken Languages: English

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