“Down East: Downwind Calm Coastal Community”

Down East

"Down East" refers to Maine's enchanting eastern coastal region covering Washington County and parts of Hancock County. This maritime sanctuary is a premiere seaside community that offers beautiful deluxe homes for those folks looking to establish residence in one of the most impressive areas of Maine. Offering scenic harbors, rocky shorelines, and marvelous mountain views that flow down to the sea, "Down East" is an atmospheric dream come true for homebuyers.

Are you looking for a breath of fresh air? Look no further than Acadia National Park, with its majestic mountaintops giving you the most fantastic scenery in the state. With beautiful day hikes, numerous summits, and jagged coastlines, it's no wonder the park is known as the crown jewel of the North Atlantic coast. Other spectacular coastal trails within reach to continue your explorations are Cutler Coast, Petit Manan, and Great Wass Island.

Right next door to Acadia is the resort town of Bar Harbor, offering potential buyers a bustling community with a wide variety of fun things to experience. With an overwhelming selection of shops, restaurants, and outdoor excursions to occupy your time, this seaside village is one of the most famous destinations for visitors year-round. Leave your car behind and hop on a bicycle to traverse the coastal roads to take in the breathtaking views.

"Down East" Maine provides some of the most attractive real estate opportunities along the coast for those individuals looking to find the perfect slice of heaven to live out a comfortable life.

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